UNC, UNF or UNEF if the diameter-pitch combination is from the “coarse”, “fine” or “extra fine” series, and may also be followed by a tolerance class.
Example: #6-32 UNC 2B (major diameter: 0.1380 inch, pitch: 32tpi) Unified Screw Threads – UNC, UNF and UNEF.

A wide range go GO / NO-GO fixed gauges are available for checking inside and outside threaded diameters, so as to ensure accuracy during the machining process. This ensures a “snug” fit between threaded components, which in turn phases out the loosening of screw-fastened joints in your final work piece.


What Thread Ring Checks?

  • A Thread Ring GO Gauge Checks The Maximum Minor Diameter And The Maximum Pitch Diameter Size In A Part.
  • A Thread Ring NO-GO gauge checks for the hole not to exceed the minimum pitch diameter size on a part.

Supplied As:

  • GO / NO-GO Ring
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