Inspection Ring comes in the form of GO & NO-GO. This are the common parts measuring tool for user to inspect external diameter.


Internal Diameter Rages Available:

  • Metric: 3-165mm
  • Imperial:0.120-6.510

Supplied As:

  • GO/NO-GO Ring.
  • SAC Singles Calibration Certificate Available.

Materials Available:

  • Tool Steel, Chrome, Tungsten Carbide Interior.
  • Ceramic.

Standard Gauge Tolerance:

  • Class XX, X, Y, Z.

Laser Engraving:

  • GO & NO-GO Labels And Diameter As Standard.

Manufactured Standard:

1. BS 1044 (blank size)

The gauges are alser engraved with the
actual calibrated size and with a linedenoting
measurement axis.

2. ANSI (American Standard)

Less than 40mm in interior diameter come standard
with ext. skirting.

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