The manufacture of master gears is the ultimate combination of the expertise of the design team and the production skills that are essential to achieve the exceptional level of quality that a modern transmission plant demands for the measurement of precision component gears.

Frenco design and manufacture a wide range of spur and helical master gears complying with all major international standards including BS, AGMA and DIN and backed by their UKAS laboratory. The master gears can be designed to follow basic gear proportions or to suit specific applications using the customer component data.


Technical Data

Maximum Pitch Diameter 250mm (10”) 150mm (6”)
Maximum Pitch 6 MOD (4 DP) 6 MOD (4 DP)
Minimum Pitch 0.2 MOD (127 DP) 0.3 Mod (85 DP)
Maximum Face Width 150 mm (6”) 38 mm (1.5”)
Maximum Helix Angle N/A 45° (R & L Hand)

Master gears are produced in a wide rage of materials from hardened tool steels for inspection purposes, through to High Speed Steel for higher frequency use and superior wear resistance. Specialist coatings can also be applied to further increase resistance to wear and corrosion.

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