In real-time application, your ‘Precision Measuring Tool’ if properly manufactured, should contact a workpiece evenly at a full 360 degrees inside or around its circumference, rather than at 3, 5 or 7 points if lobbing were to be present. The added bonus of a carefully polished gauging surface not only guarantees longer gauging life but more importantly, higher levels of accuracy.

Here at PROGAGE, sheer dedication to our craft, plus the numerous years of manufacturing experience has thus enabled us to develop our own formulas and procedures. These are then paired to best suit the various materials we work with. Tempering, shaping, polishing and final calibration are all done in-house. All of our carefully calculated processes are executed with the utmost stringency, ensuring true roundness, greater material strength and pristine surface finishing. Accuracy guaranteed.

What this means for you, is that you end up with a defect-free product that you can place your confidence in.