By the second quarter of 1993, the PROTOOL group had become resolute on materializing it’s objective of setting up a specialized production facility, to produce and supply Precision Mechanical Limit Gauges to the South-East Asian market. Protool Precision Engineering Pte Ltd was to be the first of her kind in Singapore.

Directors of the Protool group of companies, with their team of veteran engineers alongside, began structuring the development of the organization and expedited all the necessary preparations for the various areas of technology transfer that were vital to this specialised field of engineering. The new manufacturing premises launched it’s official public offering of precision gauges by November that year.

In addition to it’s embarkation on the supply of precision limit gauges , the facility also provided general engineering services to support and partner with local industries in the following areas:

  1. Engineering design services, including (but not limited to) the production and supply of Precision Jigs & Fixtures.
  2. Production and supply of Special Purpose Gauges & Precision Threaded Components.

PROTOOL is currently entering into it’s 18th year of operations as a pioneering, Singapore-based, precision gauge manufacturer. The company continues to see steady growth in demand for her in-house line of mechanical and automated gauging instruments, both locally and in neighbouring markets.