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High Quality

Measuring Tools

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Protool Malaysia-Inspection Ring Gauge

Inspection Ring Gauge

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Inspection Ring comes in the form of GO & NO-GO. This are the common parts measuring tool for user to inspect external diameter.


Internal Diameter Rages Available:

  • Metric: 3-165mm                          
  • Imperial:0.120-6.510                                 

Supplied As:

  • GO/NO-GO Ring.
  • SAC Singles Calibration Certificate Available.

Materials Available:

  • Tool Steel, Chrome, Tungsten Carbide Interior.
  • Ceramic.

Standard Gauge Tolerance:

  • Class XX, X, Y, Z.

Laser Engraving:

  • GO & NO-GO Labels And Diameter As Standard.

Manufactured Standard:

1. BS 1044 (blank size)

The gauges are alser engraved with the

actual calibrated size and with a linedenoting 
measurement axis.

2. ANSI (American Standard)

Less than 40mm in interior diameter come standard
with ext. skirting.       

Protool Malaysia-Master Calibration Ring

Master Calibration Ring

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Master calibration rings are used for calibrating high precision measuring equipment or comparator. In most cases user used the ring as a reference standard. This standard will be the master for all precision measuring equipment and are traceable to the national lab.


Master Ring are specially treated with high and low temperature treatment. With several cycle of tampering. This can avoid the steel material from growing after years of storage.

Material – Tool Steel, Solid Carbide, Ceramics.

Tolerance – Class X, XX, XXX

All rings are calibrated and the actual size will be engraved on to the ring surface.

Protool Malaysia-Taper Ring Gauge

Taper Ring Gauge

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Taper gauge to the ANSI standard they will not true to each other. The machine taper ID is made with a decreasing taper, while the tool holder’s OD is made with an increasing taper. The proper ordering procedure is to order a PLUG to the standard and a “check ring” to check the plug for wear, and vise versa the RING to the plug.


Protool supplies a complete range of cylindrical tapered ring gauges for National Machine Tapers, Jarno Tapers, Brown and Sharpe Tapers and Morse Tapers. All standard tapers are manufactured per ASME/ANSI B5.10 Class Z unless otherwise specified.

Protool Malaysia-Special Ring Gauges

Special Ring Gauges

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Ring gauges are used for comparative gauging as well as for checking, calibrating or setting of gauges or other standards. Individual ring gauges or ring gauge sets are made to variety of tolerance grades in metric and English dimensions for master, setting or working applications.

Special ring gauges are define as other than above mention gauges. Like examples extra groove, progressive diameter, special thickness and etc.


There are three main types of ring gauges:

  • Inspection Ring (GO/NO-GO)
  • Master
  • Setting Ring Gauges

In many occasion the price and quality of each different category ring gauge are also different.

Material – Tool Steel, Solid Carbide and Ceramics.

Tolerance Class – X, XX, Y and Z.